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Governments worldwide are coming to terms with what artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies mean for their countries' current and future prospects. How should these technologies be regulated? How do we stay competitive in the coming years and decades? 


Crafting thoughtful regulations, encouraging development, and balancing the country's geopolitical position are just a few of the items policymakers, civil servants, and administrations need to consider.


A large government contacted us to meet with top officials looking to understand what artificial intelligence could mean for their country in the current environment and the coming years. They needed to understand the high-level as well as the application of AI in concrete terms to formulate ideas for how AI could be used within and outside the government and how they should construct their framework around high-impact technologies like AI. 


Our engagement began with a MasterClass on artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, trends, opportunities, risks, challenges, and key considerations for the attendees to use during their workshop together. 


We led a hybrid (open and guided) conversation with the participants to generate insights alongside experts to convert insights into concrete foundations for tentative proposals, working groups, technology needs, and how to apply AI thoughtfully and systematically. 


Our sessions covered in-depth the impacts AI and emerging technologies could have on labor, national security and defense, tax base, societal benefit programs, geopolitics, and other issues essential for the group to work on.


Top government leaders were able to gain a firm grasp on the overall AI and emerging technologies landscape with clear directions on how to approach critical issues like labor, taxes, security, innovation, regulation, and more. 


Officials critically understood the importance of protecting user rights as AI and other technologies become a part of every section of work, life, government, and society. 



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Emergent Line was founded on the collaboration between Humans & Artificial Intelligence. We are a trusted partner and advisor to Fortune 500 Companies, Governments, Institutional Asset Managers, Startups, and Business Leaders around the world.

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