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How do you change the world? It’s a question I ask myself and my team every day as we set out to serve our clients, our community, and the world as a whole. What are we doing that matters? What are we doing that moves the needle just every so much forward by the end of the day? I’ve always felt that in addition to being great at the work you do, everyone should have a set of additional governing questions that influence their work.

Over the years, I’ve worked in various industries, providing solutions to problems customers had, and doing quite well at it. At the end of 2016, as I was wrapping up my work at my last venture, I set off on the search for the next problem to solve. It didn’t take long to find it as it was a problem that has challenged me just a year earlier. The problem was access to technology and understanding its impacts.

The first thing I did was take a deep dive into everything technology. I spoke to everyone I could. I went to conferences in Europe and United States, and I read just about everything I could get my hands on. After a few months of pushing some ideas around. I came up with my first problem to tackle in a very tangible form. Taking some rather complex technologies and making them simple, straightforward, and above all else understandable for anyone, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, augmented reality, blockchain, and other key tech trends. At this moment, Wandering Alpha was born. A Technology Think Tank & Non-Profit resource for anyone to read and use for free.

(Wandering Alpha went on to be used by graduate students and universities worldwide and is currently in use as a teaching resource at large investment banks and corporations. As of 2021, Wandering Alpha receives 8,000 visits a month from over 100 countries.)​​

In 2021, we launched Emergent Line, a natural progression of the work we had been doing over the past several years in various projects. The goal we are operating on is simple. We want to put the power of technology into the hands of any company, startup, or entrepreneur who wants it. Specifically, we focus on artificial intelligence/machine learning and quantum computing. But putting the power of these technologies only goes so far if you don’t also power these new ventures with the best practices in business, operations, pivoting, and strategy. The offering you will find on this site is a culmination of decades of work and insights. From inception to launch to ongoing operations and strategy, we would be proud to serve as your partners along your journey to success.

I hope that the work we do will power the next generation of outstanding entrepreneurs to achieve heights we can only dream of at the moment. Emergent Line is our contribution to making a small dent in the world's future. To help shape companies that are both technologically and culturally ethical. Where the future of work for everyone is brighter, fuller, and filled with untold surprises.  

Having given you a brief glimpse into how we all came to be here on this page. Me as the writer and you as the reader, I am profoundly grateful that you are considering us for the next step in your journey. It is a journey where you will become the writer of your story, and together, we solve some interesting problems and create something truly remarkable. Who knows, you might change the world.

- Christopher Sanchez, Founder & CEO

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