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AGI poses significant opportunities and risks for companies of all sizes. While the estimations of when AGI will finally become a reality are still debatable, recent advancements in various LLMs (Large Language Models) have shown certain sparks of what we would call AGI.

Combine this with the roughly 5k AI-focused research papers being published every month and the 150k+ AI patents coming out this year, advancements in quantum computing and Quantum AI), and numerous other factors lead us to be more convinced of an earlier and rapid take-off of AGI than a far-off, slow take off.

But what is Artificial General Intelligence, and how is it different from Artificial Intelligence?

Currently, we have narrow/weak AI systems that can do tasks in well, one narrow area. Think self-driving cars, facial recognition, recommendation systems, etc. While each one can do a very complex task, like driving a car, it cannot do anything else. It can’t help you write your report on your way to work or order coffee.

AGI systems, on the other hand, are exceptionally powerful AI systems that can do any tasks that a human can (and many humans can’t), only more efficiently, accurately, and without a need to sleep or take a break. AGI will usher in the next evolution of AI advancement, business competition, productivity, and overall change in the world.

At Emergent Line and EmergentAI, we believe companies should have an AI foundation that allows them to rapidly and proactively adapt to changes in the state of AI and other emerging technologies. This ranges from developing AI & emerging technologies strategies to developing key AI copilots and MVPs while tracking the pulse of the AI and emerging tech ecosystems on a monthly basis.

You can review our Copilot section if you would like to learn more about getting started with advanced AI.

To learn more, contact us today.

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