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Institutional Asset Managers operate in a zero-sum game where they have to make the right decisions quickly, accurately, and with appropriate logic. Artificial Intelligence represents a significant opportunity to transform their business into data-driven cultures that can out-compete peers in returns, attracting capital, and more. 


At the same time, AI presents increased risks for the companies, markets, countries, trends, etc., that they are invested in. Investors must also be on guard as AI, generative AI, and other emerging technologies increasingly generate new competitors to established companies, ways of doing business, and consumer expectations. 


An alternative asset manager contacted us to discuss what they should do given the changes they observed in their industry, the news, and emerging trends in various sectors. 


Where are the key risks and opportunities that they should put at the top of their list for consideration? What frameworks and tools should they implement to help their team navigate the new challenges AI and other emerging technologies present?


We started the engagement with an all-hands meeting with the firm’s executives and portfolio managers to walk them through the current landscape of AI, emerging technologies, and current applications to the asset management industry with a guided Q&A afterward. 


Our suggestions were for the digitalization of the firm across departments, the development of domain-specific copilots for the firm's key areas, and the development of other proprietary AI systems to help them excel. 


The client also engaged a quarterly technology update from us to stay informed of all the key developments in tech taking place that might impact geopolitics, the markets, their firm, or portfolio companies. 


The client experienced a sharp increase in productivity, new idea/opportunity generation from the copilots, and increased visibility into their firm. 


Analysts and portfolio managers are now able to analyze thousands of pages of information based on the firm’s AI Knowledge in minutes instead of days or weeks. 



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Emergent Line was founded on the collaboration between Humans & Artificial Intelligence. We are a trusted partner and advisor to Fortune 500 Companies, Governments, Institutional Asset Managers, Startups, and Business Leaders around the world.

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