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Quantum computers are helping to build the foundation for the evolution of research, drug discovery, new material discovery, advancement in artificial intelligence, and more. Unlike classical computing, quantum computers allow for processing massive amounts of data, simulations, etc., in parallel (at the same time) instead of sequentially, as is the case with classical computers. This opens up entirely new realms of opportunities previously impossible or out of reach.

For example, some calculations that would take over 10 thousand years to solve are now being solved in a matter of minutes or seconds with currently available quantum computers. Some of these equations relate to breaking current encryption standards, meaning organizations need to start working on the deployment of post-quantum encryption for their data, communications, and sensitive work areas.

Advances in quantum computing are also laying the foundation for more powerful quantum AI models and systems that will dramatically outpace/perform any of the current AI models (for example, ChatGPT) and will help power the further evolution of LLMs (Large Language Models), and the efforts in achieving AGI (Artificial General Intelligence.)

At Emergent Line and EmergentAI, we believe companies should have an AI foundation that allows them to rapidly and proactively adapt to changes in the state of AI and other emerging technologies. This ranges from developing AI & emerging technologies strategies to developing key AI copilots and MVPs while tracking the pulse of the AI and emerging tech ecosystems on a monthly basis.

These are just some of the many implications quantum computing and quantum AI present for companies and organizations today.

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