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Christopher Sanchez to Serve as Guest Lecturer at EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey

We’re delighted to announce that Christopher Sanchez, Founder & CEO of Emergent Line, has been invited to be a Guest Lecturer at EGADE Business School - Tec de Monterrey at the main campus in Nuevo Leon. Mr. Sanchez will focus on the topics of Artificial Intelligence & Startups. He will help MBA students understand the opportunities and challenges artificial intelligence presents for Latin America and the broader world in concrete terms.

Mr. Sanchez will give lectures along with Professor Luis Eduardo Falcon Morales, the National Director of the Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Graduate Program at EGADE.

Some of the topics that will be covered over several sessions are:

  • Understanding the global, regional, and local applications of artificial intelligence.

  • How to develop a startup utilizing AI or developing AI.

  • How AI is currently used in Latin America, Europe, North America, and Asia.

  • How AI can be a competitive advantage for the Latin American market.

  • And how to put AI in your corner as a business leader, employee, or entrepreneur.

Mr. Sanchez brings a broad range of experience in developing, operating, and advising firms in North America, Europe, Israel, and Latin America.

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About EGADE Business School del Tec de Monterrey:

Recognized as the #1 Business School in Latin America for the past 15 years and ranking in the top 30 graduate business programs globally, EGADE Business School is the most globalized school in Latin America, where innovation and transformation converge with a wealth of experience that projects leaders in global business. To learn more, visit the EGADE website.

About Christopher Sanchez:

Christopher Sanchez is the founder and CEO of the AI development company Emergent Line and Executive Director of the Global AI Bill of Rights ( He’s an advisor to startups, investors, NGOs, academic institutions, and governments on topics related to technology, business, policy, and strategy.

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