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Copilots & Generative AI are two of the most essential movements for forward-thinking organizations in the realm of artificial intelligence. When we speak about generative AI, we are referring to all the products, services, and business models that can be (and are) being built on top of large language models (LLMs.)
Generative AI is a fundamental shift in the AI toolbox, changing the conception of many of the previously thought impossible tasks, from altering our conception of creativity, copyrights, education, disinformation, hyper-productivity, and much more. GenAI is an AI application that is only in the first phases of what will be possible in the near future.
Copilots are the future of business, work, personal productivity, and competitiveness in the marketplace. From where we sit, every company will need to have its own company AI Copilot which helps run the organization in conjunction with a customized suite of specialized copilots for each part of the business with customized knowledge.
Developing this internal AI infrastructure is essential to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and it provides the foundation for rapid and proactive adaptation to changes in an AI world.

At Emergent Line and EmergentAI, we believe companies should have an AI foundation that allows them to rapidly and proactively adapt to changes in the state of AI and other emerging technologies. This ranges from developing AI & emerging technologies strategies to developing key AI copilots and MVPs, while tracking the pulse of the AI and emerging tech ecosystems on a monthly basis.

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